Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was desperately flipping through my biology text book today, when I found a question written in the margin:

Are you regretting taking AP Bio yet?

...not a good sign

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daytona Beach

Do you like my new layout?

Is it super cute? Is it too much pizzazz? Do all the bright colors make you feel like throwing up? Is it so cute that you don't want to be caught reading it and accused of not being manly enough? How about the moose, what's up with that? Please give me some feedback or I'll keep asking questions.

So here are some pics from my vacation.

How awesome is this octopus sculpture? I'm sorry I couldn't get a closer shot. I didn't feel like being an obnoxious tourist, so I became a stalker and shot the picture from my balcony instead.

The Lighthouse

The stairs steeply spiraled endlessly and it was so hot in there. One of the lighthouse keepers died of a heart attack. No, not while we were there.

This was taken while I was in the lighthouse.


They don't make contraptions so cool anymore.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Funny Little Sister

I went on a trip to Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. It was alright, but you don't care about that. So I'll go straight to the topic du jour.

I have this little sister Rachel. She is small and very funny.

My brother and sister were teaming up to bother me.

Me: I hate you!

Rachel: [sobbing with her face buried on my brother's arm]

Me: What's wrong?
David: Why are you crying?

Rachel: [crying] Onni says she hates us.

Me: [comforting her] I didn't mean it. Don't cry.

Rachel: [sits up abruptly and smiles] That's what I call fake crying!


One day she was looking at a picture of herself dressed up as a mermaid in Halloween. This is a picture taken when she was five years old and in Kidergarten. She is six now and will be going into the first grade.

Rachel: [sighing] My life, my school... I miss it so much. I'm an old lady.

Me: Hey Rachel, do you want to be an actress?

Rachel: No I want to be rich.


Thanks to Radical Em in South Korea for giving me the idea for this post.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Old School Cartoons!

I'm scrambling to get ready for school. This year is my junior year so I'm going to suffer. I'm apologizing ahead of time for all the writing I won't be able to do. Sorry.
So what have I done to make this summer worthwhile? I'm no Phineas or Ferb, but I read as many books as I could and I watched as many movies as I could get my hands on. I had to start studying for the SATs. I volunteered at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County. (That's a mouthful.) I also started working on my community service project. It's really neat and I can't wait until it finally happens. My friend and I are making a children's picture book. All profits wil go to charity. I'll give you the scoop as soon as I finish it.

And what summer would be complete without hours of mindless searching on the internet? For quite some time now, I've been attracted to old school cartoons. Do you remember these?

Pinky and the Brain


Rocko's Modern Life

Hey Arnold

Speed Racer

Don't you love how the red car explodes like a nuclear bomb? This was before my generation, so I wasn't much of a Speed Racer fan.

Astro Boy

Astro Boy was before my time too.The differences between the two are stunning. The second one is rather bad-ass.


I remember the first intro better than the second. I like the song for the first better than the second too.


I don't remember this one so much. I was still in Argentina, so I guess I was watching it in Spanish.

Sailor Moon

I didn't post the English one because that's not the one I remember watching. I don't remember much about Sailor Moon.

Cow and Chicken

I remember watching this show with my brother.

Stimpy and Ren

This show looked gross. The only thing I remember about it is when they danced to the song "Happy Happy Joy Joy".