Thursday, July 23, 2009

My obssession with Yann Tiersen

There's a funny reason why I have neglected this blog. Actually, two.

First reason: no one reads it anyway.

Second reason: My dad accidentally set off the alarm in our house. The alarm was from the previous tenant, so we didn't know the code required to shut off the alarm. My dad thought he heard a speaker on the outside of the house, so he went out and snipped a wire which cut off our phone line and internet. The alarm was stopped eventually.

I watched Amelie a month ago and I fell in love. I love the movie, its characters and the music. Yann Tiersen is the man responsiblefor the music. His sweet accordion melodies make me swoon and his typewriter and toy piano delight me. I play this music all the time and pretend that I'm a cute and quirky French girl at a cafe, wearing a beret with my collection of objet trouve. Okay, that last part isn't true. I just said it because it rhymed.

Yann Tiersen was also the man behind the music of "Goodbye Lenin". According to my European History teacher, it's a great movie. She never commented on the music though. It's probably because she was focusing on the historical plausability of the story instead.

Look, the man is a genius. See for yourself.

Oh my readers, that's not all I have for you today. While looking through Yann Tiersen's stuff online I came a cross another charming man called Dave Thomas. His Yann Tiersen covers are great, but what he's got going for himself is better. You may recognize his music from LORICK. Have a listen.

I know what I want for Christmas and New Years'. I want Yann Tiersen.