Monday, June 28, 2010

Finger puppets for Clara

I showed my friends my latest finger puppets and they say that I've improved. What do you think? I think it's not really a matter of skill but rather the types of design. The designs have become more complicated. I'm about to elevate the sophistication of my puppets by making puppets of famous sociologists. I'm only in the designing stage right now. The problem is that I've never attempted to make a puppet with a beard, mustache and hair before. Sociologists have lots of facial hair...

The jacket for this on took a very long time. I think he's the coolest puppet I've done so far.

This puppet is dead. It has some sort of skin disease. My sister thought it looked like Spongebob Squarepants.

I hope you enjoyed them. I'll be sure to make more. I've been thinking about how to go about making hand puppets. Maybe I'll do them. Maybe.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I had so many plans for summer but instead of changing the world and going on adventures I just stay inside and sit on my butt. It's not like i don't do anything. I just never realized how much WORK needed to be done. I have to take P.E. online, take a sociology class, study to take the SAT and ACT one last time, start my college applications, read my summer reading list, research colleges, and finish my community service projects. I feel trapped while everyone else in whole WORLD is playing in the beautiful weather.

Okay, so it's not THAT beautiful. It's too humid, too sunny, and there's too many mosquitoes. Still, despite all these things I'm determined to make this summer worthwhile. So here's the plan:

-Work out
-Watch movies
-Discover more music
-Read read read
-Try to cook
-Have some really crazy nights every now and then
-Go see a show
-Go out with my friends
-Practice accordion and cello
-Make finger puppets
-Make sure my sister has a lot of fun this summer as well

I'm also thinking about changing the layout of this blog. It's a little to cute and childish.

I've had this plan since summer vacation started but it still feels like I'm doing nothing. I mean, I'm already working on a few of these things already but it doesn't feel like I'm accomplishing anything. I feel like I'm standing still. What exactly is it that I'm looking for here? What do I really want from this summer?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer in Miami

It's summer and despite the tremendous humidity, I am loving it.

This is one of the more bizarre flowers I've seen.

I was walking home after my haircut when I met this guy. He's huge!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Camera

My brother took my camera to Argentina. That thing that connects my cell to my computer is lost. My brother left me his crappy camera without giving me that connecty thing. My dog ate my homework.

A blogger without a camera is an elephant without a nose. I mean, I'm supposed to WRITE stuff? Outrageous!

So here is a fun little assignment I had to write in school. The assignment was to write a 750 word essay about any six seconds. Although the beginning is somewhat dull, it picks up towards the end.

Time slows down the six seconds of mental preparation I take prior to my battle. I face the daunting, endless, white expanse of emptiness. The blue and red lines break it up, a pathetic attempt to make this harsh vastness orderly and manageable and it’s as reassuring as a consolation prize. I once believed that I would be victorious if I just slashed between enough of the blue and red lines but I won’t be fooled this time. It has nothing to do with how many stabs one takes at this beast. Instead, it has everything to do with how one goes about stabbing this beast. It’s freakish, wide eyes glare into the very core of my existence. I am judged before I even make the attack. My opponent has defeated people far greater and stronger than me. On some rare conditions it may have seemed that the warriors were victorious, but they would lose their wars eventually. Insanity and sadness would take them out. The more I look at it, the more I want to look away. Somehow, I am supposed to press my will into this horrid being and make it into an extension of my character. Somehow, I am supposed to slaughter this beast with my all. Somehow, I am supposed to fill the void with only my own consciousness. I fumble my weapon nervously. I’m not sure it can be done. I’m just not sure.

The distractions are endless. Restlessness stirs in the air. “Justin Beiber” and “salivation”, meaningless words thrown into the air bounce off my head and float into the cosmos but some are trapped by the gravity of my head and orbit around me. They bump into my head as they orbit around it, nagging me, inviting me. There are so many words and all of them are meaningless yet they are spewed so enthusiastically. Chess battles rage in the distance. Matthew Hersman quacks like a duck. They are all mocking me. It’s extremely clear now that this is a fight that I will be fighting alone. The distractions pull me toward the others, so I can immerse myself in their meaninglessness. I refuse to listen to the tugging distractions however, no matter how obnoxiously Matthew Hersman quacks. I pity the others. Soon, they will face the same fight as me. This thought brings a smug smile to my face.

I am a fierce warrior. I have been training how to fight these battles since I was six. Succumbing to distractions is a sign of weakness and lack of skill. I am stronger and better than ever before. I will rip this stillness inside me and fill that abyss with my entirety. I will wrestle that beast with my bear hands and kill it like Samson and Hercules killed those lions. I can do this! I can do this! The task before me is a perilous journey that deserves an epic like the Odyssey. Future generations will see my work and aspire to be just like me. The corpse of my enemy will be put on display as a piece of art. Those big names before me have nothing on me. Never before has so much talent and humbleness collided into a single being. All the uncertainty and anxiety from before has evaporated by the fiery heat of my intensity. I am Lucia Lee- no, Lucia Cristina Lee, Child of Destiny, Master of Fate.

So what is at stake here? Since future generations will tell stories about me, my reputation will be on the line here. I suppose my future itself will be altered by this task, considering how famous I will be as soon as I finish my magnificent work. The wondrous work of my hands will inspire the world to bring about world peace. Piece of cake.

All this preparation is tiring me out. Maybe I should, uh, give it some time. I mean, I should eat and take nap before changing the world. It only makes sense. No, no. I need to focus here. I have the concentration of a ninja. Hey, I like pandas. They’re the least intimidating of all the bears. Wait, no! Concentrate.

I breathe in and breathe out and gather my thoughts. This is it. I, Lucia Cristina Lee, Child of Destiny, Master of Fate, will overcome. It’s time to change the world. I grab my pen-sword and raise it above my head. With a battle cry worthy of a Spartan, I plunge into my essay.