Tuesday, July 20, 2010

High School Popularity

I've been taking this Sociology class during the summer and it's very interesting. Here is a chart straight out of my textbook. (Left click it and click open in new tab or window to see it in full size.)

This is from the section about socialization from peer groups. The textbook (Sociology: A Brief Introduction) says that "gender differences are noteworthy. The two groups named many of the same paths to popularity but gave them a different order of importance. While neither men nor women named sexual activity, drug use, or alcohol use as one of the top five paths, college men were much more likely than women to mention those behaviors as a means to becoming popular, for both boys and girls."

The point is that the way males are socialized makes men believe in different paths to popularity than women.

My brother pointed out physical attractiveness isn't present in the top five paths that college men think make high school boys popular.

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