Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dumb Problems... Also, Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Americans!

So let me explain myself. My brother came back from good old Buenos Aires, Argentina, safe and sound. He came bearing gifts: a board game, a yerba mate gourd and a book of urban legends of Buenos Aires. I love urban legends! I would show you these except my brother LOST MY CAMERA in Iguazu Falls. He should have gotten me more presents.

To make things worse, I lost the memory card to my cellphone so now I can't even upload those pictures.

What is blogger without a camera? A writer. So I shall write.

I can't genuinely say I am happy that it is Independence Day. I don't feel the pitter patter of my patriotic heart causing me to tear up. It's like any other holiday. I don't feel especially happy that it is Christmas either. Happiest time of the year, my butt. I am never happy.

Despite the fact that I, Independence Day Scrooge, can't feel much patriotism today, I do love America. I have so much I take for granted here. I am a short walking distance away from a grocery store. I have diverse friends. I am entitled basic human rights as a U.S. resident.

So I believe we as a country need to come together to fend off and destroy our evil enemies.

That's right, aliens. We have overlooked them for too long and it is time we take action.

Everyone, I hope your day is fabulous!

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