Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ms. Reichenbach

I doodled this masterpiece during my Macroeconomics class. I think the class is useful but this lady makes it so hard for me to concentrate on her lectures. She talks about irrelevant things and she uses the phrase "All right?" continually. My friend, Kelly, recorded that during one period she said that phrase about 178 times.


  1. Ugh, Dee Dee. She looks like a Muppet here. Which is kinda fitting I guess, with all her eccentricities. She's taken to calling me out in class because Mrs. Tuttle told her I was a good student...

  2. ahahaha, "and remember, ya'll have to do your part too, alright? you've gotta' read the textbook, check yourclasspage, do the assigned workbook reading. I can only do so much people, alriiight?" X 500,000,000.

  3. she's cool, good when she gets to the economics (cept' for the bias-y bits), but ya' know.

  4. This is amazing! We got her off topic for about 10 minutes today. She told us her words of wisdom: to not get your wife a kitchen appliance for her birthday and to not get annoyed if your husband comes back late after a night with the guys.

  5. I recorded in 6th period, she said "All right?!" about 110 times, but I didn't record within the last 10 minutes, because I was packing. LOL what an amazing teacher we have in senior year...

  6. Hahahah. Josie~
    Thanks Brandi.
    I agree, Dylan. She's not bad, but I get annoyed by her.
    It's strange how teachers interact with each other, Jeff. I never really thought that they would even talk to each other.