Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daytona Beach

Do you like my new layout?

Is it super cute? Is it too much pizzazz? Do all the bright colors make you feel like throwing up? Is it so cute that you don't want to be caught reading it and accused of not being manly enough? How about the moose, what's up with that? Please give me some feedback or I'll keep asking questions.

So here are some pics from my vacation.

How awesome is this octopus sculpture? I'm sorry I couldn't get a closer shot. I didn't feel like being an obnoxious tourist, so I became a stalker and shot the picture from my balcony instead.

The Lighthouse

The stairs steeply spiraled endlessly and it was so hot in there. One of the lighthouse keepers died of a heart attack. No, not while we were there.

This was taken while I was in the lighthouse.


They don't make contraptions so cool anymore.

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