Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a Quick Post

I have a major European history test tomorrow on the 20th century. I am frightened. Therefore, naturally, I am putting off studying and blogging instead. 

I haven't blogged for a week. School does that.

Here's a pretty skirt I wore a few days ago. The shots, as is the trend nowadays, are terrible. A six-year-old was the photographer. I promise that next time the shots will be much better. Want to know how I can say that with such confidence? I've already taken the shots today in an effort to drive myself further into denial about the test tomorrow. I experimented a little with the photography and they came out quite nicely.

This one is the only photo here that was shot by my sister. It's not bad for a six-year-old, right? She went all artistic with the angle though.

I am really turned off by certain gladiator shoes. They can be so ugly. But these were actually sort of cute. I like the strappiness of gladiator shoes. I also like the ones that cling around the ankles.

Still, they're not shoes that should be worn everyday. They provide no support whatsoever and they are very flimsy. I am somewhat of a klutz, so my poor toes have been stepped on and jammed into doors a few times already.

So... I've heard three people from my school have discovered my blog. It's kind of embarassing, that's why I never mentioned it. I thought I would tell friends about it after I developed it some more, but oh well. More blog traffic is always good, right?

I really should get going now...

I found a very cool store on the same day I wore this skirt. I'll post about it tomorrow, if I don't die or lose sanity from the test that is. Wish me luck. Wait, no, no. Wish me motivation.


  1. Hi, Lee

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I hope you will have motivation to do your best no matter what. Good luck on your test.

    Pretty dress!

  2. Oh thank you!
    Visiting your blog was my pleasure.

  3. see, i like the photograph and i think your sister has a great artistic angle! how'd you do on the test?

  4. hah, i'll tell my sis that. i pretty much failed that test. XP what's done is done