Monday, May 25, 2009

Men and Style

The main problem is that guys don't have as many options as girls do. Women can wear pants, skirts, dresses, leggings, purses, high heels, sneakers and strappy sandals but men are limited to a few items. There's only so much one can do with so little options. Still, well-dressed guys exist. They don't have to be gay or flamboyant or a youngster to be well dressed.

Here, Bill Cunningham explores menswear on the streets.

Even though men's style evolves at a very slow pace, I have noticed two trends that are quite popular.

Dandy has existed for decades, but it's making a come back with the recent rise in top hats, bowlers, bowties and such. The point is to look as dapper and spiffy as possible. This is the men's version of dressing up but it's updated and given a fresh new twist.

dashing and adorable

This style is a mix of assorted years and styles. In a way it is partly dandy because many hipsters don dandy accessories, such as the bowler hat, the fedora, the bowtie and the skinny tie. This style includes retro items such as the hippie headbands and the wingtip shoes. Many pair ultra skinny pants with big, colorful shirts. Doc Martens and wayfarer glasses have also made a comeback through this trend. This trend redefines the man silhouette, with slim fitting clothes. The resulting form is androgynous. In the wrong hands, this style can look trashy.

Here is an example of the rolled up pants and boat shoes. Others wear combination with oxford shoes.

a mix of dandy and hipster

big shirt, skinny jeans


This outfit is teetering between stylish and trashy. Beware.

One doesn't have to follow these trends to be stylish though. It's best to wear something simple and well fitted. You can throw in a few trendy things into the outfit, but don't forget to throw in something original as well. It's important not to follow trends blindly.

a classy look

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